Emphasizing UX and Product Design

We take pride in creating engaging interactive experiences.
Our goal is to create an enriching, enjoyable user-experience
regardless of how simple or complex the product.

General Web and Mobile Development

We build custom websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

Music and Audio

Our team has a special interest in music and audio based applications for both web and mobile.


We also specialize in GIS (geographic information service) applications for both web and mobile.

Here, have some fun.

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Made with NexusUI and Tone.js.

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Our Apps

At notnatural, we independently develop our own apps when not working with clients.


Composers is an app designed for... composers... and students who study atonal music. It provides a mobile-friendly interface for creating and analyzing pitch-class sets.


Tactone is simple and clean.
And it's the only metronome
you'll ever need.

Simply Music

Simply Music allows users to upload their digital music collections without the hassle of using cables and syncing. It also provides a clean, intuitive user-interface, and a hassle-free playlist/library.

Other Work

These are third-party projects our team members have worked on.


WAVE: Waterway Information for Vessels was designed to aggregate and provide GIS and emergency information to commercial fishermen on the Louisiana coast, especially in the Vermillion Bay area.


CERA (Coastal Emergency Risk Assessment) is an ongoing research effort at Louisiana State University. We have contributed to the project by building a mobile solution to accompany the desktop browser version of the CERA app.

EMDM Academy

EMDM Academy is a STEM to STEAM educational outreach program providing various workshops, classes, and summer camps in the Baton Rouge area.

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